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Band Parents Association

The Band Parents Association is an organization made up of the band directors and current band student's parents/guardians to provide logistic and additional financial support to the Lincoln High School fine arts program. The BPA serves in several capacities throughout the band year to assist in building props, chaperoning, fundraising logistics, distribution of products, spirit wear, spat camp supplies, communications, website, social media, and more.


Next Meeting Date

june 6, 2023

7:00pm at LHS

Annual Meeting to vote for 2023-2024 Board & Budget; in conjunction with Ice Cream Social.

June 14, 2023

Open session 6:00pm

* Meetings are held at personal residences so please email for location. Please check here for any date or location changes due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Board meetings are subject to change.

Meeting minutes will be posted approximately 1-7 days

following the meeting.

BPA Info
Board & Committees



executive BOARD*

Presidents: Aaron & Elli Nyberg

Vice Presidents: James & Marissa Oppenheimer

Second Vice Presidents: Justin & Dawn Endsley

Third Vice President: KC Carlson

Secretary: Ande Carlson

 Treasurer: Wendy Bergan

ISA Treasurer: Kristina Schaefer

Directors: Dan Carlson & Drew Balta

*pending vote at BPA Annual Meeting in conjunction with the

Ice Cream Social on June 6, 2023 at 7:00pm. Additional nominations

will be open that night for vote.

Band Parent Committee leads

Alumni Association: Sue Mollison

Chaperones: KC Carlson

Color Guard: Sheena Lewis & Kristy Eden

Festival of Bands LHS Committee Reps: Paul & Kristi Egland 

Work Shift Fundraising: Tim Eden

Product Sales Fundraising: Lori Blom

Fundraising Distribution: vacant

Chicken Dinner: Katie Zeeb & Sonia Ohling

Silent Auction: Tammy Hartmann & Brooke Knudson-Wiggs

Grocery Cards: Bridget Weisz

RaiseRight Gift Cards: Erin Johanning

Roadies: Justin & Dawn Endsley

Band Shoes/Shirts: Rachelle Broveleit

Spat Camp Treats & Monitors: Becky Pagone

Spirit Wear: Paul & Kristi Egland 

Travel: Sue Mollison

Uniforms: Beth Helgerson

Social Media: Erin Johanning & Ben Hodgins

Webmaster: Lissa Murawski

Videography: Brian Schumacher

Graphic Design: Jesse Murawski

Booster Reps:

Freshman Class: Tiana Hodgins
Sophomore Class: Lori Blom
Junior Class: Cari Stein

Senior Class: Tiana Hodgins

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