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Silent Auction | Indoor Show

cash or check is preferred
Saturday, NOVEMBER 6
Sioux falls arena

1:00-2:30pm - silent auction
2:00PM - Ticket table opens
2:30pm - Show seating opens
3:00pm - indoor show
4:00pm - auction check-out

It has been an annual tradition to end the LHS Marching Band season with a fundraiser serving a chicken dinner, having a silent auction and performing an indoor concert. From feedback from last year's event and the continuation of the pandemic, this year the directors along with the Band Parents Association have made the decision to hold the concert again at the Sioux Falls Arena.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How does ticketing work?

  • Tickets are $15/each. Ages 5 and under are free.

  • All tickets will ONLY be available at the door.

  • Each paid ticket will receive the free Slim Chicken's meal voucher when they enter the concert.

  • Cash or check is preferred for payment however a credit/debit card option will be available.

  • Please note: BOTH the chicken voucher and the concert are included in the cost of the ticket.


Is this a fundraiser?

Yes! This is an opportunity for the band students to earn money towards their ISA accounts along with a fundraiser for operational funds for the Band Parents Association to support the LHS Band. Feel free to invite friends and family can come too! The following will apply:

  • $2/ticket will be earned towards the band student’s ISA account. The student's name will be collected when the ticket is bought at the Arena.

  • Remaining proceeds will apply to fundraiser for the Band Parents Association which directly serves the Band.


Do performing band students need a ticket?

No. Band students do not need a ticket to rehearse and perform in the Arena.


Are there multiple performances, or just one?

Just one performance this year at 3:00pm on Saturday, November 6.


Will students be in uniform?



Will there be an auction?

Yes. A live Silent Auction will be open from 1:00-2:30pm. All proceeds from the auction will go towards fundraising for the Band Parents Association which directly serves the Band.


Will you be serving a meal or any food?

No food will be served at the Arena before, during, or after this event.  We are excited to be partnered with Slim Chickens again this year. Each ticket turned in at the concert will receive a free Slim Chicken's meal coupon to use at your convenience!


Will you need volunteers?

Yes! We will need help at the ticket tables, door ushers, with the auction, etc. Be watching for a volunteer sign up soon.


What will the setup look like?

Horn line members will be spread out in the seating on one side of the Arena.  Percussionists and Color guard members will be spread out on the floor level.  The audience will be on the opposite side of the Arena seating area.


Will seniors and their family members get to skip to “On the Mall” this year?

Yes! This tradition is vital to the success of the band and must continue!  Seriously though, we plan to have a very large circular path that allows the skippers to skip to their hearts content.


Is there anything special for seniors? wear white plumes/berets?

Yes! Our seniors will wear the white plumes and berets. Also, the floor level seats will be reserved for senior families.


Will there be a livestream option for those who can’t attend?

Stay tuned. We'll let you know!

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