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RaiseRight Gift Cards

Did you know you can earn money toward an individual student account (ISA) as you shop for back to school, holiday shopping, birthdays, travel, everyday expenses –

and really any time of year?


Use these gift cards toward purchases rather than using cash or credit for everyday items like groceries, gas, dining out, your morning coffee, back to school, holiday shopping and even travel. This is similar to the local grocery gift cards, but it’s available through many more retailers. (Note: Local grocery cards are ordered through a different process.)



What’s in It for You

Easy to use:

With RaiseRight (formerly Scrips), it’s easy and convenient to purchase gift cards online or through an app. 



Choose from hundreds of brands and gift cards.


At your fingertips:

When you choose e-gift cards, you can purchase them when you’re in store or shopping online – and use them right away. 


Simple way to earn:

Each gift card purchase includes a rebate percentage. 

  • 1% goes to the Band Parents Association. The remaining rebate amount goes toward a student ISA (deposited in ISAs once monthly).

  • Rebate percentages vary by retailer; however, they can be up to 20%! They average around 6% across participating retailers. 

  • Each week, there are limited-time bonus offers for various retailers. These ramp up around back to school and holidays throughout the year.



How to Get Started

  1. Go to or download the RaiseRight app (on App Store or Google Play)from your device’s app store.

  2. Create an account using your contact information plus these important details. 

    • LHS Marching Band enrollment code: 1A7E8DFF5LL93 

    • Who are you fundraising for?

      • Full name: First and last name of the marching band student

      • Classroom/Group: LHS Marching Band

    • Bank account: Link your bank account, as the BPA has chosen to not accept check payments when we use this fundraising tool.

  3. Be sure to sign up for RaiseRight emails to get notified about upcoming rebate bonuses.



How to Shop and Order

  1. Browse gift cards and current rebate offers – and save your favorites for future use.

  2. Make sure to check if a gift card is available as an e-gift card, a physical card or both. For timely use, best value and to ensure you get the most rebate, we strongly recommend e-gift cards. 

  3. The BPA will process physical gift cards just once monthly. Also, BPA incurs shipping costs, which often cancels out or exceeds the value of the rebate.

  4. Place your order online. 

  5. There is a 15 cent fee for each transaction. If you bundle the purchase of multiple gift cards or brands together, the fee is only 15 cents.  

  6. Start using e-gift cards right away on your own. Share an e-gift card via email as gifts to family and friends near and far.



Ideas to Grow Your Rebates 

  • Encourage grandparents, aunts, uncles and others to sign up for an account. (Think about the people your student would normally “sell” to if they were fundraising through product sales, for example.)

  • Have multiple kids in the marching band? Have multiple parents or other adult relatives sign up for an account – with each adult earning for a different student.

  • Watch for special rebate bonuses to earn extra toward the student’s ISA. 

  • Purchase e-gift cards to be shared with your student for meals with friends or open lunches. 



Can I order a physical gift card?

We strongly recommend ordering only e-gift cards, due to the extra cost and processing time for physical gift cards. This cost often cancels out the rebate bonus. Be sure to check each brand gift card in RaiseRight to select an e-gift card before placing your order.


How can I track my gift cards and balances?

All gift cards purchased through RaiseRight show up in your “wallet” in the app or online. That’s where you can track gift card balances. Some brands automatically update. With others, you can check on retailer sites and update the amount in RaiseRight, so you always have the most current information. You can also archive gift cards you’ve already used.


When will I see the rebates applied to my ISA?

In the first part of each month, the BPA receives a deposit from RaiseRight for all rebates earned the prior month. After that, the RaiseRight fundraising chair and ISA chair work together to ensure student ISAs reflect the funds.


For login, app, online portal help, check out RaiseRight’s FAQs.

Something else? Contact us!

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