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Alumni Association

The LHS Marching Band Alumni Association exists to maintain and promote the knowledge of the band’s decades-long successful history.  It does this through recording the events, moments and people who exemplify the excellence of the band and through bringing alumni together to celebrate that history. 


Join the Alumni Association

We want to hear from you! Stay connected on future reunions, communication, fundraising and to share the latest news from the LHS Patriot Bands!

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History of the Band


2022 Unchained

2021 Queen's Gambit

2020 Nocturn

2019 Playground

2018 The Wild

2017 The Underground

2016 Moving to Mars

2015 Goldrush

2014 Heartstrings

2013 No Place Like Home

2012 Out of the Blue

2011 Red

2010 Fiesta de Verano

2009 The Heist

2008 Spellbound

2007 Wired

2006 Carnaval

2005 Revolution

2004 Superhero

2003 The Mask of Zorro

2002 Exotic Adventures

2001 An American Experience

2000 Belshazzar's Feast

1999 Gloria

1998 Music by Beethoven

1997 Russian Music

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