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Football & Basketball Games

Football Game Performances

The Lincoln Marching Patriots serve as the pep band at fall varsity football games when LHS is the home team (and when the band is not traveling to competitions). These typically line up with the same football games when the marching band is performing a halftime show. 

What to Expect at Football Games

  • When: See the band's schedule for which football games they will perform in for the school year. Sometimes, these are early games at Howard Wood (such as a 4 pm game), and sometimes they're evening games. Band directors will email an agenda to students and parents before each event.

  • Transportation: Unless band directors communicate otherwise, typically, students drive themselves to football games, or they may catch a ride from a section leader or friend. Depending on timing, families may be able to drive students without a car. For the Presidents Bowl, the band usually rides buses from LHS to Howard Wood due to parking congestion. 

  • Chaperones: No matter how students get to a game, our chaperones shine. They are always on standby to help students pre- and post-performance. They provide water, serve as medics if needed, help bobby pin and put up hair and much more to make sure students look polished. 

  • Uniforms and Gear: Students are responsible for making sure their uniforms, instruments, gear, shoes, hat and other supplies are ready and with them for football games. Chaperones will deliver and gather plumes at the performance. Students are not allowed to eat in uniform. 

  • Music: 

    • National Anthem: When we're the home team, we play the national anthem.​

    • Pep band: The hornline and drumline serve as the pep band the first half until the band must stage for the field performance. They return to the stands to play until the band directors dismiss, usually after the third quarter. 

    • Field performance: The band dazzles the LHS community with their show!

  • Presidents Bowl: Our band doesn't always play at halftime at the Presidents Bowl. It may depend on whether our football team is the home team or not. Even if we are not the home team, we may still perform the national anthem or support the team with our pep band. Stay tuned to band director communication for details.

Basketball Games

Our winter pep band performs at Lincoln High School varsity basketball games. Typically, there are enough pep band members to rotate games, so students don't need to attend the entire season of basketball games. 

Stay tuned for more details from the band directors on how to get involved.

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