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Work Shifts

Our marching band is proud to offer many work opportunities to help students and families earn money towards the ISA (individual student account) dues. The Band Parents Association continues to find opportunities to coordinate and organize work shifts.

  • Working students and family/friends can direct their shift pay to the student's ISA.

  • There are also options to designate that your individual pay goes to our feed the band fund or to support our chaperones' cost. 

  • For any tips collected at LHS Band workshifts, the first $50 in tips is designated toward the BPA scholarship fund. Remaining tips are split between ISAs and other pay designations noted above.

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View available work shifts. Want to work but don't see a date or time that works for your schedule? Contact

Locations & Procedures

Work shift venues vary by season and availability. Watch your email from the BPA to learn about new opportunities as they become available, and sign up online. Here's where we typically work:

  • Denny Sanford Premier Center concessions (policies & procedures, parking/entrance map)

  • Pentagon concessions

  • Canaries concessions

  • Arena concessions

  • Stensland concessions at local parks

  • Augustana hockey concessions


Work Shift Leader & Responsibilities

Most work shifts have an LHS work shift leader (age 18+) who is responsible for the team, serving as a liaison to the venue, collecting any tips and reporting to the ISA treasurer and work shift organizer after the shift. If you are a shift leader, you should:

  • In advance, review the SignUp Genius, so you know the roster for your LHS band shift team.

  • Bring printed LHS band tip signs that encourage tips. These signs include a QR code for concession customers to provide a tip through our payment platform, Zeffy. In some venues, tips can be charged as part of the transaction and come back to the band, but not in all venues. The Zeffy online tip option or cash tip jars can be offered. Shift leaders can bring jar(s) for cash tip donations. 

  • Arrive early before the team.

  • Make sure everyone signs in on the venue's sign-in/out sheet.

  • Communicate with venue staff about needs. Make sure LHS workers know their jobs and responsibilities including setup, customer service and closing and cleaning tasks. Check with the venue before our team leaves at the end of the shift.

  • Gather any cash tips and tip jars/signs at the end of the shift.

  • Make sure our team signs out on the venue sign-in/out sheet. 

  • Take photos of the venue sign-in/out sheet and any end-of-shift venue register reports showing electronic tips paid by card. Within 2 days, email these photos to 

  • If there are cash tips, count those at home and fill out the cash tips count sheet. Follow the instructions on that sheet to get any cash tips to the ISA treasurer within 7 days.


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