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concert bands

Lincoln High School Band is dedicated to providing excellence in music education for our students. Our concert bands have achieved remarkable success over the years, and we are committed to helping our students grow and develop their musical talents. Our four concert bands include:

  • Symphonic Band

  • Concert Band

  • Varsity Band

  • Freshman Band

For Students at All Levels

Our music curriculum is designed to support and grow students at all levels of musicianship, from the novice to the advanced musician.


  • Symphonic and Concert band placements are by tryout. Varsity and Freshman bands don't require tryouts.

  • Students have the chance to earn chair placements within their sections. 

  • Students participate in concert band during a school year class period.

  • We offer solo and ensemble contests at certain times of the school year.

  • LHS students are well-represented at South Dakota All-State Band. Students across the state audition for this band placement and event.

  • Our band directors are known for their excellence in leadership and music education. 

Join us in making music and creating memories at LHS.

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