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students & parents

For students, parents and families, this band is something special. When you're new, there's a lot to learn. No matter what, you'll have fun. 

Here's more on what to expect.

2023 Marching Band Yearbook

The "Fabric of Time" marching band yearbook is available for online order and payment until November 13, 2023. We also invite students to sell business sponsorships to support the band, and you'll get 10% of your sales toward your individual student account (ISA). Learn more >

What to Expect

Wondering how things work when the marching band travels for competitions? Or even local football games? What about being a fan in the audience? Learn about getting tickets to competitive events, when the band stays overnight in hotels (vs traveling back late on a bus) – and much more.

Know of a Potential Sponsor?

Help us make a connection. Do you own a business or know someone in the position to make decisions on sponsorships? We're looking for your recommendations, because 54% of our Band Parent Association budget comes from fundraising.

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