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Product Fundraisers

The Lincoln Band offers product fundraisers as one of several ways to raise money for the band programs overall, plus to help students earn funds that go toward their band dues, also known as individual student accounts (ISAs). Fundraisers will vary throughout the year. You can also learn about our other fundraising options.

What's on Now

We have products and tools to help you talk to and make an ask of your friends, family and neighbors over the Thanksgiving holiday! These are great ideas for small holiday gifts and stocking stuffers.

When: Nov 13-27, 2023

What: Students can sell, plus take pre-orders and payment for:

  • Lincoln Band Macy’s Special Edition Stocking Hats: $25

    • $10 to ISA for each sold, unlimited available

  • Culver's certificates for value baskets: $10

    • $3 to ISA for each sold, limit of 10 per student

  • Culver's certificates for concrete mixers: $4

    • $2 to ISA for each sold, unlimited available

Download the order form for pricing and more details. The order form also includes an option to donate to our Feed the Band overall fundraising effort. (This is good choice for those who want to donate to the band, but they don't want specific products we're selling. See the order form for donation scripts and tips.) 

All order sheets and money are due to the locked box in the band room by Monday, November 27.

  • Culver's certificates will be available shortly after November 27 for students to distribute.

  • Stocking hats will be available mid-December for students to distribute.

Questions about this fundraiser? Contact us.

Other ISA Fundraising Options

Grocery Card Rebates

Learn how to order Hy-Vee and Fareway gift cards, with a rebate amount going to your student ISA.

Raise Right Gift Card Rebates

Learn how to sign up and get the app for Raise Right, so you can order gift cards from hundreds of brands and earn rebates for your student ISA.

Work Shifts

Availability varies, but you and your family members can work shifts at local events and businesses to earn money toward your ISA.


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